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Unique Gifts for Unique Lifestyles

I am one of those people that really loves to give presents; I love everything about the process of searching for the perfect gift, finding it, gift wrapping it, giving it to the recipient and seeing how excited they are once they have opened it. I especially love to find presents for people that they didn’t necessarily want, but once they see it they realize it’s something they’d love to have. I also don’t like to take the easy route of gift giving by handing them a gift card or a card with some money stuffed in it. I think that ultimately the best situation would be to give something that is a surprise (in a good way) and that also shows that you put a lot of thought into the gift you’ve given. There are, however, certain cases where you want to give someone the perfect gift but you have absolutely no idea what to give or where to even start looking!

The Ultimate Concert List.

One band that I love and often talk about on here is Sigur Rós and I used to get really excited when I saw that they were performing around here, but then I never made it to one of their shows. While I’d love to see them one of these days, I’m actually not sure how much I’d enjoy being at one of their concerts because I like to go to rock concerts; I’m just not sure how well I’d fair at a shoegazing concert. Quite frankly, I’d sort of be concerned that I was going to fall asleep! I began to recognize that I am a rock concert type of girl after I saw Radiohead last year in Cleveland with Brett and Steve. I love Radiohead– adore– admire– but…. I was getting really sleepy at their concert. They did a few upbeat songs, but the majority of the concert was focused a lot more on their down tempo collection. The concert was amazing; but I could feel inside that there was this lion that wanted to engage in a jam session at any minute….and I just never had the opportunity to let that lion roar. I’m sure I will still go to shoegazing/down tempo shows in the future mainly because the next time around I’ll know what I’m getting myself into.